Crowdfunding Campaign for the Tallinn Dissertation Prize

The Tallinn Dissertation Prize was established by the European Society for Environmental History Board in 2018 to reward innovative doctoral dissertations based on original research in European environmental history. The Prize was named after Tallinn, the city where it will be awarded for the first time at the 10th ESEH Biennial Conference in 2019.

The Dissertation Prize aims at supporting early career scholars based in Europe or based outside Europe but working on a European topic. Through the Prize, ESEH wants to encourage young scholars to get more involved in the community of environmental historians in Europe. We intend the prize to enhance the visibility of PhD students and post-docs in environmental history and the environmental humanities, and strengthen inter-generational ties within the ESEH.

ESEH provides financial background for the first Tallinn Dissertation Prize in 2019.

ESEH Board and ESEH’s Emerging Scholars initiative (ESEH NEXTGATe) encourage ESEH members, sympathizers and supporters  of the ESEH to contribute to a 1,000 euro pool which would secure the Tallinn Dissertation Prize for an additional four years: 2021 and 2023.

As little as the price of a coffee (3 euros) will help to award the Tallinn Dissertation Prize in the future to support emerging environmental humanities and history scholarship.

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